Friday, 24 February 2017

Friday Homework for Lesson 12: Lace Stitch

Just in time to hand in my homework for Sunday Stitch School's stitch #12, Lace Stitch.
It was fun to do and once I got into a rhythm, progress went smoothly. This stitch kind of hypnotizes you and it is hard to stop, alas I was constantly interrupted and HAD to stop. Hence the lateness of my report.

After reading a bit on the internet I learned that the alternative name Bermuda Fagotting, is used when the stitches are used on clothing. It seems to have been common to use this stitch on nightwear and slips. Thinking about it I am sure I have seen it on some of granny's things.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

WIPW - Nothing To Write (Home) About

Work In Progress Wednesday report for this week is nothing to write (home) about. Just an addition to

Trinity Green
216 triangels were added. The total count is 7.884, and I have 35 'snakes'.

Fabric in Focus
The person who gave me this piece of fabric wrote on a sticker that the remnant is from a garment she made in 1967.
It's quality fabric.

No need to comment.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

TAST - #141 Fancy Bobbin Edging

TAST, short for Take A Stitch Tuesday, is a great online course of embroidery stitches, run by Sharon B of Pintangle. I learned 140 stitches between 2012 and 2014.

When the course restarted again I mistakenly thought the same 140 stitches would be repeated in the same order, and I should wait for a new stitch to be added after #140. It was by pure chance I realized that some new stitches had been inserted and the order had changed slightly.

I want to learn the new stitches, but I also want to keep the old numbers in my TAST collection.

One of the stitches new to me is called Fancy Bobbin Edging. I will be calling Fancy Bobbin Edging, TAST #141.

It is an easy and fun stitch, and leaves a nice knobby edge at the bottom of the stitch. When time comes I will love to play with this new addition to my collection of TAST stitches. For the time being I have other things to work on...

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 12: Lace Stitch

Welcome to another lesson on disciplining embroidery stitches! Last week I had trouble with the unruly Knotted Satin Stitch, but in the end, managed to control it.
Before we move on to the new stitch, I recommend you to have a look at Chitra's fantastic Knotted Satin Stitched peacock.

For this week I have selected Lace Stitch, which is one used in Pulled Work, and usually worked on even count linen. The point with PW is that the thread is tugged so tight you won't see the thread, just the hole it creates. Let's see how I'll manage!

Lace Stitch is also called Turkish Stitch, Three-Sided Stitch, Bermuda Faggoting, and Point Turc in French. Searched as I have, I have not discovered its Swedish name, but I am sure there is one. Can anyone help? Är det någon i Sverige som vet?

It is basically a double Back Stitch and worked like this:

On my Aida sampler, which of course is not the appropriate fabric, but never mind, this makes a nice non-pulled stitch:

Homework will be to stitch an inner border on this piece of linnen. 
Now, Queenie, don't forget to pull the thread hard!